What Makes The Perfect Mid-Sized Sedan?

Sep 27, 2017 by

Although crossovers and mini-SUVs are becoming more popular, the tried-and-tested midsize sedan still remains the best-selling car segment all over. And why not? Apart from being the most recognizable shape for a car, sedans are also the perfect choice for anyone looking for a car that suits their needs. But while there are numerous varieties to choose from, not all sedans are created equal. Which begs the question, what makes a great sedan?


There’s no other vehicle type that offers the ample room and versatility you can get from a sedan. Hot hatches may be more performance oriented, but this comes at the cost of backseat room, which is essential for families. On the flip side, you’d be hard-pressed to find a wagon that offers the superior handling of a great sedan.

Speaking of which, a well-designed sedan should have doors that allow both front and rear passengers to get in without bumping their heads against the roof. So when comparing different models, accessibility should top your list of priorities, closely followed by headroom and the driver’s rear view aft. In addition, try to look for one with a fold-down rear seat and a wide opening to the trunk behind — this will be crucial whenever you’ll be carrying long or bulky items.


Unless you haul heavy materials or drive off road on a regular basis, you’ll find most sedans to be adequately powerful and responsive while on the road. That said, all-round performance always trumps sportiness as far as these cars go. As such, a good sedan should ride comfortably and safely, but with enough agility to give you the confidence you need to maneuver around certain situations.


Most companies offer several trim models for all their cars. So for the most common mid-sized sedans, whether it’s the Chevy Malibu, Honda Accord, Toyota Camry or Kia Optima, customers have the ability to customize the level of luxury one wishes to have in their car before purchasing it. Still, vehicles at all price levels come with plenty of entertainment and convenience features including smartphone connectivity, multi-functional steering wheels, navigation guidance and USB ports.

A back-up camera would also be nice to have, especially one with a large, dash-mounted screen and intuitive controls. For enhanced safety, look for a vehicle with a voice-control feature, as this helps you keep your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road. Most new models also have hands-free calling as a standard feature.

If a sedan sounds like the perfect car choice for you, the next step would be to find the best one for you. Start by searching online to compare models and features, then pick 3-5 cars that seem to match your expectations. Narrowing down your options in this manner will steer you towards the best vehicle for your needs.

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