Overcoming Fears and Doubts Before Starting a Business

Feb 10, 2015 by

Starting a business can be a very stressful thing, and if you aren’t mentally prepared for the challenge, you could end up struggling with a number of different issues while you’re trying to start your business. That being said, what are some of the most common fears that those starting their own businesses face? And how can we overcome them?

Let’s take a quick look:


What Are The Most Common Fears?

Financial Struggle. This is, of course, the most common. We’re scared that the business is going to fail and that we are not going to be able to make it when the business flops.

Failure. Financial struggle and failure are a bit different. You could be doing alright financially, but still feel as if you are failing the idea or the business in other ways. Fear of failure has stopped many potential small business starters.

Perceptions of Others. What are other people going to think of me and the business that I’m running? What if I fail or struggle financially – are people going to judge me and be rude to me as a result of it? Will people think I’m not offering anything new or worthwhile?

What you don’t know. The unknown is always scary. If you don’t know what’s going to happen in the future, you may freeze and not even take the risk.


How Can We Overcome Them?

A lot of times, we just need to move forward and go ahead with our dreams and our plans. Yes, the things that we talked about above can be absolutely terrifying, but the first step in overcoming fears is standing up to them. Go into it with someone else, as well – it’s easier to stand with your family and friends than it is to try and do it alone.

Another fear buster is having a good business plan that is full of details. By having a clear path set out ahead of you, it can help relieve the anxieties that come from the unknown. You can’t know every little thing that will happen, but planning ahead can help to quell those anxieties. Things like compensation plans and driver reimbursement programs shouldn’t be fears that stop you from achieving your business goals.

The long and short of it is that it’s time for you to dive in. If you’re looking for help, there are plenty of organizations and mentors that look to help those starting their own businesses. With guidance and planning, you can help fight off those fears.

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How Do We Solve The Debt Problem

Jan 5, 2015 by

car debtThis is a question that seems to come up every time the topic is at hand. Is there really anything we can do to help prevent the issues related to debt from happening in the future? The government has already put organizations and laws in place to protect consumers from debtors. What else can they do? Some people will come right out and tell you that they think that the government has done too much already; between the bank bailout (which, in the short term was okay), lending to the automotive sector and almost holding consumers hands when it comes to their mistakes.


Is Education the Answer?

Like many people, I am a huge advocate for education. Many people will tell you that it’s really important for us to be educated; knowledge really is power. It helps us to answer the hard questions of the world and gives us a way to figure out potential issues. Because of that, I think that education may be the key to us getting out of debt.

The debt problem can’t be solved through knowledge alone; people obviously have to apply what they know, or it’s useless. But, look, even our government officials don’t really get debt and how to balance a budget; they have to depend on raising the debt ceiling in order to be able to balance it, and honestly, that’s only going to work for so long before it hurts our economy even worse.

Interesting Watch:

Then Why Hasn’t It Happened?

We put so much energy into different types of education “markers” that we don’t always provide students with ways to get practical knowledge. Financial wellness classes are not required for high school students. Why not? Why can’t we have a half-year class on budgeting, how to balance a checkbook, and all the other things people should know before going out on their own? Many people don’t learn those sorts of things until they are well into their 20’s, and many times, they end up fumbling through it on their own.

Some people may claim that this whole thing is wishful thinking, but I truly think that educating our future leaders on how to properly use money and credit would be advantageous against our country’s fight against debt and weak economies. It may not solve the issue, but it may prevent some of the strain we’ve felt over the past decade for future generations. Healthy financial habits have to be cultivated in us, and if we do that early enough, we may be able to minimize the impact of debt.

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Why should I care about Gold?

Jan 2, 2015 by

So, almost daily we hear about gold prices going up, whether it’s on a commercial or whatever.  People are willing to buy your scrap gold and old gold for decent prices. Gold prices seem to be doing incredibly well, and they continue to close higher and higher every day. But why are people so dependent on gold, and why does it matter to those of us who are investing our money into the market?


The Gold Standard

goldinvestingMost economic systems used to have what was called a gold standard, that is, the money in the system was based off of gold, and each bill had a certain amount of gold backing. As time has gone on, this has changed. That hundred dollar bill does NOT have $100 worth of gold backing it. What gives the American dollar its value is the fact that it is the American dollar. It is completely psychological.

So, as the economy went into recession, the confidence that people once had in the American dollar (and actually, most world currencies are the same way with the global economy as a whole was going into a recession) went with it. Thus, the value of a dollar goes down, causing inflation. If there is nothing backing up a currency but your mind, then the inflation value is going to occur a lot more quickly than if there is physical backing to your money.


So Why Does Gold Matter?


Where does gold come into this? Well, the thing is, gold was the original currency. It will always have some sort of value, because it is a rare and precious metal. As stocks and such change in value every single day, gold maintains it. The stability that possessing gold provides far surpasses the stability of any other currency or metal (except perhaps silver, which has also gained popularity).

Gold value has increased significantly this year, as the economy continues to get better and unemployment continues to decrease significantly. People are still nervous about their investments, however, so they’re investing in something that doesn’t lose value as quickly as world currencies do.

Is it worth it to sell your scrap precious metal for it? I’m not sure. I assume that part of it is overreacting, but it is always good to make sure that your investments are safe and secure, especially when the economy is as unstable as it is at the moment. Talk to professionals, look at your options, and always do research before you invest your money in anything.


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Last Minute Holiday Shopping

Dec 20, 2014 by

last minute atuodealer shopping

Whether you own a business or you’re looking to support local businesses, there are a lot of things you can do when you’re getting ready to finish your holiday shopping.


Here are some tips you can try:

Make a list. List EVERYTHING.  Who do you want to buy for? How much do you want to spend on that person? If you’re really organized, you can even write down exactly what you’re going to get that person. The internet makes that so much easier; you can browse before you go.

Plan a gift exchange. If your budget is tight, chances are, your friends and/or family are having a rough time too. Suggest having a “secret Santa” gift exchange, where you and your friends get together, pick names out of a hat, and then you just have to buy for one person. Great gifts can be services as well, not only expensive products. Once I purchased a classic cars care services ticket for my brother – which was not expensive at all, and he went crazy over it!

Budget, Make sure that your budget lines up with the amounts of money that you plan on spending on each person. If they don’t, try to cut some costs.

Use cash when you can. Try your hardest not to charge unless you have to. Credit cards make us have a tendency to overspend. Christmas club accounts are great for saving up money for this time of year.

Always check prices. Just because one retail store is offering that flat-panel TV for $599 doesn’t mean it’s a good deal. A lot of times, we tend to see “sale” and don’t check to see if it’s really a good sale or not. You may be able to find that same TV online from a different retail store for $549.

Don’t hesitate to shop at home. No lines, no hassle, no big bags and unloading the car. Press that “Purchase” button and you’re done. Sometimes, the online deals are the same exact thing you’ll find in stores or better, and a lot of places offer free shipping when you spend over a certain dollar amount.

Price matching. Many retailers offer price-matching offers. If you don’t want to hit multiple places, or if you aren’t near a certain retail store, take their flyer to a store that offers to discount their prices to other stores. You save time and money!

Keep your receipts. Most stores offer gift receipts now. Just in case you buy something someone doesn’t like, or doesn’t fit, or that they want to exchange, these things make it so much easier to deal with. 

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