A Brief History Of The Automobile

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The history of the automobile begins in France in the late 19th century and goes forward from there. The first cars were little more than an internal combustion engine on wheels with a steering wheel. They did not go as fast as vehicles, but then they did believe that you would be killed once you hit a velocity of 10 miles an hour. Over time they have not only gotten much faster, but we have added on all sorts of features, both for safety and to enhance the experience. However, the road from there to here is a long one with lots of curves.

The original vehicles were more to show that the motor could be used to replace horses, and so the the horseless carriage was born. They were originally one-person affairs, with little more than seats and primitive steering and braking options. A few more seats were added, as well as a little more protection, but the automobile did not really take off until mass production made the vehicle approachable by almost everyone. The vehicle quickly replaced horses and other animals as it required less maintenance and there were fewer problems. Civilians loved the vehicle as it meant that they could transport heavy loads anywhere and avoid some of the problems they had with animals.

The military especially loved the automobile. Motorcycles could get messages where they needed to be quickly, and trucks could get supplies where they need to be without having to worry about animals spooking when fired upon. You could also convert the vehicles to battle platforms, and by armoring up a vehicle and adding a gun you created a tank. The military came to rely on automobiles to the degree that the British army had to import animal handlers to deal with their horses in World War 2. Eventually, some of the vehicles would evolve into vehicles that could go anywhere, transport anything, and generally make military life easier.

Over time automobiles adapted to any use people could find for them. Trucks evolved into the workhorse of their respective industries, with a size modification, or even armor for just about any use mankind could put it to. Cars would see much of the same, but some were created just to see how fast an automobile could go. In short the history of automobiles is one that is based on finding a problem and solving it, with those who pushed the technology finding that it really could do anything.

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